Argital Kleimasker

Argital Kleimasker

Natuurlijk kleimasker van biologische Siciliaanse groene klei voor lichaam, haar en gezicht die de geest ontspant, het lichaam verkwikt en de huid en het haar een mooie vitale uitstraling geeft. 250 ml ...Meer informatie

Solum Fullonum, Aqua, Glycerin, Alcohol, Calendula Officinalis Extract, Equisetum Arvense Extract

Argital Argiltubo Green Clay For Face and Body is a ready-for-use facial and body mask that contains Sicilian Green Clay, which refreshes and brightens skin with its life-giving forces. Borage Seed nourishes with rich unsaturated fatty acids while Vegetal Glycerine moisturizes. Lavender Essential Oil gives a pleasant scent and has a refreshing and protective action.

Argital Argiltubo Green Clay For Face and Body can be applied on face and neck for anti-wrinkle and deep cleansing effects; soothes pimples, firms buttock and thighs, smoothes hair, scrubs body, relaxes your back and so on. Made of 100% natural ingredients. Eco Bio Cosmesi and BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetics.

How to use:
As facial and neck mask: apply for a duration depending on skin type (Oily skin: 10 mins; Normal skin: 3 mins; Combination skin: 5 mins; Acne skin: 10 mins; exposure on neck: 10 or 20 mins).

As firming for thighs: apply for 20 mins.

As hair mask: apply on wet hair for 5 mins, then rinse and wash with shampoo.

As facial scrub: apply for 30 or 45 mins, then remove with a dampened sponge with warm water in circular clockwise movements when the mask gets almost dry.

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